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¡Hola Mundo!

Hoy intento escribir en español.  Creo que es muy difícil, porque mi español es muy malo como mis otros idiomas. He trabajado todo el día en Tsukuba y estoy muy cansado.

Amigos españoles, quiero indicar mis errores gramaticos.

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Hello World!

I came up with an another purpose for this site. I will start using this blog to express myself in English, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese. I currently keep 3 diaries on the web, one on Hatena, another in Mixi and one here. Ideally I would've wanted to separate the diaries by language instead of having a quadrilingual site, but unfortunately this is the only one which is written in UTF-8, capable of handling languages other than Japanese. Of course, if I'm willing to pay some for Plus Options here I can maintain multiple blogs; however, I don't want to pay for something that I might quit in 3 days :P

So hello world. For those friends who are learners of English, please utilize this blog for your learning. I will add some English tips/glossary for each entry. For those of you experts in Chinese and Spanish, I would appreciate it if you could correct my poor language! I hope this will turn out to be a place for crosslingual/crosscultural studies.

come up with: 思いつく
quadrilingual: 四ヶ国語の

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ANAカードのドメイン横取り屋さんをみつけた。そりゃ強引過ぎないかい? ちなみに本物はこちら

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