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No tanmen for you!!!


「『お前に食わせるタンメンはねえっ!』って何て言うの?」と聞かれて、ちょっと考えた末に出た結果が日記タイトル。直訳すれば There is no tanmen for you to eat! なんだろうけど、なんだか語呂が悪い。あと厳密にはtanmenじゃなくて英語読みにしなければならないんだろうけど、あえてtanmenのままで残してみた。

さあ、Repeat after me. No tanmen for you! No tanmen for you! Very good!

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WTH is Christmas?

Well, Christmas is, of course, the day we celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday.  Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, it's the day someone up there (in Vatican?) decided to celebrate every year.  Nowadays, it turned out to be all about sales and marketing.

However, there was this guy in Japan who stood up and dared to celebrate Jesus's birthday - with 2005 candles on a cake.  Check out his challenges on the original article (written in Japanese but with full of pictures).

WTH: What the heck (hell): 一体何だ?
like it or not: 好むと好まざるとにかかわらず
believe it or not: 信じようが信じまいが
stand up: 立ち向かう

dare: (危険を顧みず)あえて行う

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